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Hi, welcome to the Fast Reflex - Test your BRAIN testing family

The most ACCURATE reflex test, accuracy up to 0.000001 second! Addictive game to measure your reaction speed and compete with people around the world. Perfect way to stimulate your reflex and hand-eye coordination. Improve your Quickness, boost your reflexes and push them to the limit in the GAME OF SPEED. The red box is your target, tap as fast as you can and compete with others on the LEADERBOARD. Measure your response to change of the color or sound and as a special BONUS check your Psychic Power with TELEPATHY test. Check how fast your mind can communicate with your fingers!   Easy and funny tool to test and train your brain in every spare moment. Great game for people of all ages to get a break or when you are waiting for the bus. Take your simple app with you wherever you go and get a stimulating workout to clear your head.   Best exercise for your mind which help you practice your memory, concentration and dexterity. If you want to improve your time of reaction this app will solve your problem and be the right tool to upgrade your perception skills. Give a shot right now!   * WORLDWIDE * CROSS-PLATFORM * LEADERBOARD *   100% FREE! NO ADS! Speed up your brain now and if you like the game, please don't forget to rate it!

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